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If you've seen my other recent threads you know I'm "downsizing" by getting rid of a couple bikes and some other stuff I don't really need right now.

AStars GP Tech gloves
$180 plus shipping

AStars Supertech Boots SOLD
-white/black vented
-euro 42 us 8
$220 plus shipping

AStars Race Replica Suit SOLD
-euro 52 us 42
$900 plus shipping

All are last years version of Alpinestars top of the line stuff. The boots and gloves have only been tried on for fit and the suit was never even tried on since I already had its twin. I told the wife I would like a new Race Replica so she bought me a new one except it wasn't the new version that I was talking about so I have two of the exact same suit.


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these are some nice gloves. i have a pair myself, but i do like my gp-pro better. but you can't go wrong with a-stars gear!
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