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Hey guys, well I Got most of my mods in on my bike except the thin head gasket and the intake racing cam. Mods on it are Yosh full system with a wicked TRC carbon can off a race bike that we got from yosh, BMC race, Factory pro velocity stacks, Power commander and dynojet quick shifter.

jsut for comparison of how much faster the bike is going, I raced my buddy a bucnha times with me lowered same as him, 2 in front and 2.5 in bak before when I Was stock he would pull on me about 3-4 bikes now, Im only half a bike behind him and I havent done a custom map for this one either!

his bike has bmc power commander, shifter, and a yosh slip on and 1 tooth down in front so my bike defintly responded real well to the mods!

I'll try and get some pics up real soon of how the bike looks :-D:thumbsup:
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