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We're proud to be a dealer for Aliant's ultra high-tech lithium battery offerings. We now use Aliant's X3P in our race bikes, due to their unparalleled quality, reliability and consistent power in all temperatures/conditions.

Imported from Italy, Aliant Ultralight Batteries represent the cutting edge of lithium iron phosphate technology, and offer a wide range of benefits vs. traditional lead acid batteries.

Mass is the enemy, and racers go to extreme lengths to strip unnecessary weight from their motorcycles. Despite being incredibly powerful, Aliant Ultralight Batteries are minuscule compared to their lead acid counterparts. In some cases they weigh only a fraction of an OEM battery. Because of their tiny footprint, they can also be easily relocated to more desirable areas for ideal weight distribution. Finally, the battery can be mounted in any position: sideways, upside down, etc.

Aliant Batteries have a daily self-discharge rate of below 0.3% per day: That means that a discharge from 100% to 0% takes roughly 11 months under ideal conditions (if disconnected from the electrical system of the vehicle). Even if your Aliant Battery is completely discharged, you can completely recharge it in roughly 30 minutes and be on your way. A 50% recharge is achievable in only 10 minutes! The lithium cells used in the batteries assure the longest life cycle available on the market. Aliant batteries can pass 1000 cycles (the number of 100% charge and discharge procedures). The internal Battery Management System allows charge and discharge of the cells to be perfectly balanced to ensure both a safe and longer battery life. While Aliant has a higher initial cost vs. lead acid, that cost is offset through a much longer life cycle.

Why choose Aliant?

Maximum Life: Aliant X and X-P Series have been developed with top tier US cylindrical cells, with up to 5000 charge/discharge cycles. Currently, there aren’t lithium batteries makers with such great performance. Aliant competitors perform max of 2000 charge/discharge cycles.

Industry Leading Warranty:
2 full years warranty against manufacturer defect. Aliant competitors have LIMITED warranty.

Charger Compatibility:
Thanks to the embedded BMS Aliant has tested most of the motorcycles popular chargers currently in the market. Here is the compatible chargers list: http://www.goaliant.com/web/index.php/information-info/mantenitori-carica.html Feel free to ask for further brand / model.

Embedded BMS
: Aliant batteries have an electronic microprocessor built in the battery (BMS) in order to increase the battery life. Aliant competitors (such as Shorai, Ballistic) don’t have this feature, therefore, in order to get a proper and full charger the customer has to spend more money to buy also their dedicated chargers.


- Up to 50% lighter than traditional batteries
- Ultra rapid complete charge: 100% in less than 30 minutes
- Ultra rapid partial charge: 50% in less than 10 minutes
- Lowest self discharge rate: < 0.03% daily
- Contains no liquids
- Does not require venting
- Robust ABS recyclable case
- Low environmental impact
- Each part and step of the assembling process is closely monitored for quality control
- Factory activated

Technical Specs:

- Nominal voltage: 13.2 V
- Weight: 2.3 lb
- Dimensions: 115 mm W x 70 mm D x 105 mm H
- Pb Equivalent Capacity: 12 Ah
- Pulse discharge current: 360 amp (10s)
- CCA. Cold crank amps 300 @ -68°F
- Max. discharge current: 120 amp
- Recommended charge current: 9 amp
- Max. charge current: 20 amp
- Life cycle: 1000 cycles @ 100% depth of discharge @ 50°F
- Charging voltage: 14.4 V
- Max. charging voltage: 14.6 V
- Max. operation and storage temperature: -86°F / 140°F
- Max. operational altitude: 16,404 ft
- EMC compatibility [ EN 61000-6-1, EN 61000-6-3 ]
- ROHS compliant [ 2002/95/EC ]
- Test IEC 62133 – Item 4.3.7

These batteries simply outperform and outlast their competition and this is the reason they are chosen by many top level professionals around the world.

Post up or PM for promo pricing!

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I'm definitely in the market for a new battery and these look great, how much shipped for an 06 zx10r to tallahassee Florida, 32311?
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