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Aimed squarely at the serious trackday rider and racers everywhere, AiM’s Solo 2 GPS lap timer gives you everything you need to make the most out of your time at the track in one easy-to-use device. What sets the Solo 2 apart from other GPS-based lap timers is the fact that it draws positional data not only from American GPS satellites, but also from the GLONASS constellation. The result is a very precise lap timer that provides the kind of feedback you need to improve your pace at any track on Earth.

The Solo 2 draws upon a map of over 2000 circuits in order to determine the basics such as start/finish position as well as the layout of the course. If you’re at a familiar track, by the time you head out for your session, it’ll indicate where you are and automatically start running the clock in the right spot. And for those lucky enough to have built their own private racetrack on a plot of land somewhere, the Solo 2 will figure that out quickly and function as it were on any of its known circuits.

Circuit use isn’t the device’s only strength. If you like to spend time at the drag strip, the Solo 2 can be configured track common performance metrics such as straight line acceleration. The unit is truly versatile, no matter the type of performance riding.

And what good is the data if you’re unable to examine it? That’s where the Wi-Fi functionality comes into play. You can download all the data from each session wirelessly, straight to any compatible device using the included software. With that, you’ll instantly see where your performance stands, any time you want. That, and soon, there’ll be an iOS app available to greatly simplify post-session analysis!

Each Solo 2 comes with a power cable for wiring it into your bike’s 12V power supply, a plug-in wall charger, mounting bracket with hardware, CD with the requisite software and a well-written user manual. Furthermore, an array of add-ons are available that allow you to truly exploit the device for maximum gains at the track. Particularly nifty are the ECU interface and video camera integration tools that allow you to have an overlay of all critical data while watching the playback of your session. With that, you’ll truly be able to unlock your own potential every time you step out for a session at speed.

Everything you need and more, in one simple device. Orders yours today by calling TJ on 866.931.6644 ext 817, send a note to [email protected] or just PM us here and we’ll get you tidied up right away.


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