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Brand new for 2010, the AGV T-2 motorcycle helmet is an outstanding value aimed squarely at the street rider who likes to do the occasional trackday. How is it a street going helmet? It’s designed to be even more quiet than the already excellent GP-Tech model thanks a new shell design with clean lines and ventilation that will not howl out on the road. Furthermore, the Integrated Ventilation System (IVS) does a better job of moving air around the skull at street speeds thanks to a large interior network of vents and large openings at the front and rear of the helmet. Unlike some helmets that require 100mp/h speeds to get truly effective ventilation, AGV’s T-2 takes into account real world speeds by virtue of its intake and exhaust design.

Truly unique is the range of replica helmets available: Barry Sheene, Angel Nieto and Giacomo Agostini get a beautifully rendered replica to honor their achievements. Solid colors and non-replica graphics are also available.

Call TJ at 866.931.6644 ext 817 for expert sizing guidance and fast shipping. Email too, works; send those to FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT dot COM with the subject line AGV T2 and be sure to include the size you need, or the size/model of the helmet you currently wear to help us get you sized up correctly.

Guess who? The Barry Sheene Replica.

Giacomo Agostini replica.

Mouth vent is manipulated by a switch on the inner side of the chin bar.

Large vents on the upper rear of the helmet exhaust hot air with ease.

New for an AGV helmet, soft plastic surrounds the eyeport. Notice the vents above the eyebrows, these help draw outside air through the mouth vent up along the inside of the visor to reduce fogging. As usual, the mouth guard is removable.

Strakes over the intake vents help stabilize air as it passes by to reduce wind noise.

Newly designed anti-microbial interior is treated with heavy metals at the microscopic level to prevent bacteria growth that can get stinky really fast. Chin skirt is included with the helmet.

Angel Nieto Replica.

That’s 12+1 World Championships.

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