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AGV Corsa R Arrabbiata Helmet

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The AGV Corsa R Arrabbiata Helmet is very similar to the AGV Pista GP R, but features a tri-composite shell made up of carbon fiber, aramid, and fiberglass.

The Integrated Ventilation System (IVS) consists of air ducts that are built into the Corsa R, directing cool air to the rider's head. Unlike the Pista GP R, the Corsa R's forehead vents open and close, allowing you to change their position on the fly. Exhaust vents on the back allow hot, moist air to leave the helmet.

The rear spoiler helps to reduce drag and make the helmet more aerodynamic.

A dual purpose shield locking system prevents the visor from accidentally opening in the case of a crash. The new visor is up to 5mm thick (most are 3mm), offers 85° vertical/190° horizontal view, and is class 1 optical standard.

The Corsa R has a new reversible helmet liner that allows you to select either a warm or cool side.

A Max Vision Pinlock Insert Lens, removable nose guard, and wind deflector are included with the Corsa R.

MSRP $899.95

You can order your AGV Corsa R Arrabbiata Helmet by calling MIKE at 866.931.6644 ext. 804. Is email more convenient? Send us a private message through this forum or write to us at FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT dot COM, and we'll get back to you right away!
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