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The FX-100 helmet from AFX includes many features usually reserved for more expensive designs like a fully-removable internal liner and multiple, closeable vents all over the helmet. The FX-100 is also very light and complies with both DOT and ECE crash safety standards. There are two things in particular which make this helmet unique: one is the built-in tinted visor that can easily be deployed behind the clear faceshield with the touch of a button, the other is the AFX cam buckle quick-release retention system that makes getting into and out of, the helmet a cinch.

We have these helmets available in sizes X-small to XX-large. Get one for yourself by calling TJ at 866.931.6644 ext 817. You can also email us, send those to FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT dot COM with AFX SKULL in the subject line and we’ll back to you right away.

The FX-100 Silver Skull paint scheme.

Behind the main faceshield, a retractable sun visor is easily deployed.

Now, you don’t need to carry a spare visor with you to deal with varying weather conditions, but AFX does have nine different colors available in case this isn’t enough!

A button on the left side of the helmet operates the flip-down shield.

Nine vents on the chin, sides, forehead and back allow ample amounts of cooling air to get to the skull.

ECE and DOT-certified.
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