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After market bodykits

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Hi guys was knocked off my kawasaki zx10r 2009, cracked rib cage, sternum etc looks like it's going to be written off uneconomical repair thinking of buying it back has any body any experiences of aftermarket bodykits, eBay, Chinese etc,
Thanks Eddie
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I bought 2 sets from auctmarts.com. Fair price and fitment was 9/10.
I had a set of auctmarts on my old 2006 gsxr600.
Good price. The finish was good from 5 feet away and the fitment was 7/10 I'd say. They are probably the best of a bad bunch and I'd buy from them again if I had too.
I just had to go that route with my F4i after Honda DISCO'd the yellow upper cowl I needed

Ended up buying a set from Woo.Bestbuy on ebay. Product was in stock in LA so it arrived in a few days. Fitment was ok, but it did take some patience and methodical work to get it installed correctly oh & a really big hammer at one point... (totally not trying to be funny there). If you rush it or are not very familiar with working on sportbikes it would be easy to see how the average guy would get frustrated with this kind of bodywork and badmouth it so much on the interwebs like they do.

Finish is superb. Very well done and all the decals were clearcoated (which OEM is not!).

In the grand scheme of things and considering I got an entire set of bodywork delivered to my door for $275 when the OEM Honda upper would have cost $500 just by itself (and I am a dealer!!!) I have to say this stuff or at least the woo.bestbuy stuff is an amazing value for the dollars spent.

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Cheers everyone for the replys
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