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Hey guys, need some advice on an issue im having with my ride..

Yesterday I took my bike for a carve through the local twisties ipod blastin having some fun but noticed something was lacking.. Because it was fairly mild day weather wize i asummed it was the reason for it not running like a raped ape like it usually does and kept into it..

Not long after that it misfired a couple times on me so i went to pull up and noticed the warning light flashing on my dash and it stalled..
Imediately i thought to myself, fuck, how long have been riding this thing for with that warning light flashing, and thought the worst straight up that it had fucked an oil pump..

I let it sit for a couple minutes and it started straight up. with no strange noises but started spluttering and died again..
After that i just turned the ignition on and it brought up the FI signal with the flashing light but i didnt know how to get it into diagnostic mode to pull the code..

I switched it off called up a mate to come rescue me with a trailer, but while waiting i decided to try starting it again and it started up and ran fine with no warning light or FI..

We ended up trailering the bike home, and upon numerous attempts to get the FI to show up so i could pull the code it wouldnt.. The bike starts and idles fine now, ive checked the oil level window and the oil drains away when started, which would indicate that the pump is doing its job as far as I know..

Which brings me to the question, if the pump was fucked, it would stay fucked, it wouldnt be an intermitant problem would it? Does this sound like an intermitant electrical issue to yous?

I have a PCV, XTRE, Speedo healer, and quickshifter thats all the aftermarket goodies that are electrical..

As the FI it wont show up again and im not game enough to ride it, im taking it to the local kawasaki dealership by trailer to put the diagnostic tool on it.. I have read every time a FI command is activated it stores and cant be erased, hence this diagnostic tool should be able to recover that fault if its not showing atm , right ?

This power commander has been on for like 5 months, the last one lasted 12 months, surely this one hasnt fucked up so soon aswell :rolleyes:..

Any thoughts would be apprieciated..
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