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id love to smack the engineer at kawa who designed this system... what an asshole.

why would he decide to put a 10mm bolt on the adjustment knobs inside of a tightly cramped space where its almost impossible to fit your hands, tool, and see what youre doing at the same time?

couldnt have just put a thumbscrew knob and made the entire thing convenient, effective, and simple? (and no, you cant just put the 10mm socket on the knob and turn it with hand force, at least not on mine being 4yrs old, required a full ratchet to turn)

noooo.... make it a contortionists nightmare to try and reach your bolts properly, and if you want to actually see where youre adjusting them, you gotta turn the bike on so that your burn your hands the entire time youre adjusting from the heat, or you have to adjust, start, check, stop, adjust, start, check, stop, adjust

and then the space is so small to work in, that you can only turn the ratchet BARELY one click each time, so it takes forever.

i swear, part of an engineers job is that they should be forced to work on what they create for at least a year afterwards with just an average garage toolset, so they can experience how terrible some of their decisions are >:)
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