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So, after reading this, that, and the other about this slip-on, that slip-on, make sure you take out the boom box or subwoofer box or pre-exhaust box, etc. etc...or you will lose horsepower and torque and basically your all "F"-ed up if you don't go with Akropovic's two brothers scorpian stinging a hot body exhaust system...and don't forget to drill our your stock cat and do a 1/5 throttle back-flip with a 16T sproket lindy move....yada yada yada.

I would like to know - ball-park figures - just how much horsepower and torque goes away when you simply take off your stock exhaust and replace it with a slip-on? ...And I know the brand and engineering makes a difference, so...we will go with mine:

I took off my stock exhaust pipe. Left the pre-muffle on, and put on a black hotbodies slash-cut exhaust pipe. Just an open megaphone with no baffles or inards. I love the sound, It is mean as hell...and yesterday, the front wheel came up in first pretty easily.

When I drive down the road and give a slight twist of the 'ol wrist, the bitch moves without hesitation and my brain slams into the back of my skull.

So, are the horsepower and torque numbers everyone is talking about micro-numbers? Like what you would be really worried about if you are a pro-racer? Or did I lose 15 HP? Because the damn cross-eyed cat I ride feels a bit faster than it was!

Your thoughts? :dontknow:

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- 4.673 Horsepower
- 1.284 Torque

These are totally made up B.S. numbers, But are just as fact as anything posted that I've seen. I could be wrong, It's happened before.

What is your target HP and Ft/Lb need? I'm sure any number of good engine builders could hit it, Given the budget dollars.

Otherwise, If it sounds good, And runs the way you like it, You are There !!!

Ride fast n safe .
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