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i go up to the north georgia mountains just about every sunday...everyone who knows me knows that when i mention going to church, this is what im talking about. i typically get out early to avoid the calamarifest that often erupts up on my favorite stretches of tarmac. heres a recount of a few things of note from last weekend.


still had track pressures in my tires so i stopped at the filling station to gas up and put a few pounds in. when i pulled up to the air machine (QT has free air), a guy on a concours pulled from the gas pumps over next to me.

"I think one of my tires is low. Not sure if it's the front or the rear. And I don't have any tools with me," he said.

"Well you're in luck," I told him. "You can use my air gauge while I go get some dead dinosaurs and I'll get air when you're done."

i handed him my gauge, pulled over to the gas pump and topped off before pulling back to the air station where the guy on the concours had been joined by another guy on another concours.

"How much did you put in?" i heard the new guy ask.


"So, I don't mean to butt in, but that's kind of high," i said.

"Well, these tires are rated to 42 pounds. I think I have a slow leak because the pressure has dropped a couple pounds since the last time I rode a few weeks ago."

"Where are you guys riding?"

"We're going up to the curvy roads up above Dahlonega" [sort of our gateway city to the twisties]

i must have made a face because his friend chimed in "Well, you know...these new radial tires can hold a lot more air. And with these bigger bikes..." he trailed off.

"Just be careful and have a good ride"

wouldnt have surprised me to find him in a ditch.


got stopped for 22 over...my buddy who was playing catchup got stopped for 29 over. pulled over as soon as i saw the leo pull out. sat and shot the shit with the cop for ten or fifteen minutes then he let us go with a verbal. "You guys obviously know what you're doing and it's smart to get out here early when the roads are empty. Have fun and be safe."


was hauling ass in the twisties and came upon two ferrari f430's in a long straight. the one directly in front of me had a one day old temp tag. when me and my buddy tuono eric pulled up behind them, they took off. braked going into a left hander and the second (new) ferrari broke traction on the rear.came sideways right and then sideways left before getting it back under control. thought i was going to see someone trash $230k worth of italian road machine.


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i go up to the north georgia mountains just about every sunday...
You had me at that statement right there. LOVE that area. Very jealous of the riding you have right in your backyard. :drool:

As for the other tidbits.....

Tidbit #1:

Tidbit #2:

Tidbit #3:

My own little tidbit....I like smilies. :cool:
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