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For the record, a full exhaust doesnt help top end at all, just midrange.
As I stated above, my RR with ECU, full exhaust, Kit Cams, Head gasket, air filter etc, makes 205 on pump gas.
WIth the Kit ECU, and head shave and port, with Race Fuel my builder gets 211.
On the pre-finger follower head bikes, the kit cams are worth about 10hp. The newer head alleviates the need for the cams, but with the cams, the new head makes even more power, just shy of 210.
Its much easier to hit 200rwhp with the newer head.
That being said, the shorty exhaust sucks mid-range, the longer mid pipe and exhaust can is worth about 10-15 ft lbs in the mid range.
EDR posts their dyno videos.
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