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5 MPH slide

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So pulled the bike out of storage today. I wasn't even a block from home and went to round a corner and missed seeing a 1.5" rock. Rear tire slid out from under me the bike continued sideways running for a while. When I uprighted it and let oil drain down for a few minutes. Went to start it now there is a slight knock and red code light thrown. Any ideas how bad off I am?:angryfire::angryfire::angryfire:
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I am just fine I'm more worried about my baby I just have a minor scratch on my arm (was on the way to my appartment to get my gear [hindsites allways 20/20]). This SLOW ass 5mph slide makes me realize even more how important gear is i couldn't imagine what its like going 30+
glad you're okay buddy! I went down on my old 636 going ~85 wearing a hoodie and jeans... definitely didn't feel good! I ended up going off into woods so that helped lessen the damage that was done but definitely was pretty brutal.

With that said... is it the oil light that's on? When I got into my last accident I had the same issue, turns out air got into the oil.. I slightly bled it by loosening the oil filter a bit, starting the bike until it starts seeping out oil just a little bit, tighted it up then turned it off then back on. I'm willing to bet that happened because I've had to do that a few times before on my old zx6r
also RUN IT AS LITTLE AS YOU CAN while that lights on... I believe it means you have low oil pressure. long as you're not revving the piss out of it you should be ok and it'll likely quiet down once you do the above. Also make sure your oil level isn't too low.
When I've dropped mine the oil light took about 30 seconds to go off. You might have to loosen the oil filter if the pump lost prime.
Yes the oil light is on. I'll check this after work tomorrow. Makes allot of sense since it did run on it's side for a few seconds. Shitty part was it wasn't even a block away. I'm quite happy it was only 5mph kept most damage to barely anything.
Oil pump likely lost it's prime from being over on it's side. If that's really what the light is indicating.


You shouldn't have to burp the filter. You your hips to lean the bike over to the left more than it would be on the kickstand. Start the bike while holding it in that position and let it idle for 5-10secs. Light should go out. If it doesn't, then you can try burping the filter. Don't let it run long with the light on though as you're doing major engine damage the longer it goes.

Thank you wish I would've seen the last post before I burped the filter. I would've done that but burping the filter did solve the problem. It's unreal how loud that knock is from low oil pressure or lack there of in oil. I'm sending for an oil test kit just to make sure nothing major happened during the minute or so over all run time with it like that. I wouldn't think that short of a time would cause anything major. I still have the cam tensor knock/tick but that'll be a thing to fix this summer. No need to file a claim now just need to find plastics for the right side and case cover. New levers and exhaust were already planned in the future.
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