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My 1st post here not sure if this is the place to post this.

So the Mitsuba starters are trash (I wish they went with Denso but oh well.

So one of the guys here took his out from the side shout out to that brother because I was ready to gut the bike from the top.

On my 2011 I released the side fairings. Then went thru hell taking out the T-stat housing by four 8mm bolts only If I have removed the wiring I would see that the 2nd PC of the housing takes 2 bolts from the top if you remove the tank and move the wiring you will see the two 8mm bolts the T stat will come right out. Then the black wire to the starter two 8mm bolts on the starter some wiggle it will come out.

If anyone has the torque spec to the bolts t stat bolts be nice

Not detailed videos but did what I could so dont shoot ?


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