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There is a $49 track day promotion for Streets of Willow at tracktactics.com if anybody was looking for a cheap one to attend... just need to stay home for one weekend and i'll have plenty of cash for this one :eek:ccasion1

Here is the promo info: (Direct Link: http://www.tracktactics.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=77&t=815)

Streets of Willow - November 9th 2009

TrackTactics.com is going to be paying the difference for just 60 people to go to Willow Springs Raceway (Streets of Willow) for only $49.00!!

This event will normally cost you $110.00, the staff at TrackTactics.com decided to provide all you track junkies out there with a discounted promotion price that will make your jaw’s drop to the floor! TrackTactics.com is literally paying the different for 60 people to get in on this $49 Streets of Willow price. You have no excuses at this price ladies and gents, if you can't scrounge up less than 50 bucks to ride your bike like its never been ridden for an entire day at a full fledged race track, then you might be a lost cause, because a price like this for such an amazing track was unheard of until now. No funny business, no requirements, just an incredible price that anybody can get! Remember junkies, our main goal is to get new riders out to the track! This promotion provides us with a wonderful opportunity to get any of our friends that haven't done a track day yet out to the track! So please, tell all your friends who haven't ridden the track before about this promotion and its price, and hopefully we can save a few lives at this track event.

The event organizer for this track event will be Hypercycle at http://www.Hypercycle.com.

TrackTactics.com is completely dedicated to you, the riders that make this sport what it is, we want to get people on the track and riding safe so that we can save lives and keep this sport fun for everybody! That’s why we are providing you with a substantially reduced price, so that we can hopefully coerce even the most frugal of riders into riding, and learning, at the track! The prices were not inflated prior to this promotion, the prices you see on the website are the normal prices for this track event.

This promotion and its price have absolutely nothing to do with the track organizer Hypercycle. Please do not call or send them any e-mails about this promotion, as they will not be able to help you with anything regarding this promotion. If you have any questions about it, they need to be asked here at Tracktactics.com. TrackTactics.com is a completely separate entity from the Hypercycle, and we do not organize or operate the track event, we only provide the great promotional price for it.

Promotion Information

The promotion code for this price is: Promo Code Will be Released on Oct 23rd 8:00AM
**Friendly Tip** Mark your calender or set an alarm on your cell phone for the 23rd in order to secure a spot as soon as the promo code comes out! This one is going to sell out very quickly! The promo code will be released at 8:00AM SHARP!
Promotion price:$49.00
Event date: Nov 9th, 2009

This promotion price is for anybody and everybody, it doesn't matter if its your first trackday, or you are a seasoned veteran with a racing license, anybody can get in on this deal!

See ya' out there!!

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damn that is a good deal, im gonna try and get a buddy of mine to go (09 repsol rr) and i will break in the new bike:mrgreen:
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