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1st Bike - 2005 Ninja 250
2nd Bike - 2004 Yamaha R6
3rd Bike - 2006 Ninja 650R
4th Bike - 2005 Yamaha R6
New Bike - 2005 ZX10R

brief history to cover my 4 years of riding: parents made me sell the 250. bought the r6 a year later. sold and bought a SCAG 52" mower for business. bought the 650R a few months later - brother crashed it trying to teach him to ride. Next R6, solid- loved the bike. Sold........

Because i got a deal on an amazing 2005 ZX10R. Not been rode since 2009 however, 850 miles on the odometer...

I hope this R6 rider is welcomed into the Kawi community.

Anyway, I dont know what to say other than I hope to find where to post this next question. I have replaced the battery, oil, and oil filter. BUTTTTTTTT Owner left gas in the tank. no winterization or storage precautions. So rusted gas tank. Im replacing the fuel pump. getting tank de-rusted and coated by a radiator shop (reputable from what I hear).

Questions are as follows and if they need to be moved or reposted somewhere else please feel free to let me know where they need to go.

1# - What is the best method for non-physical processes to remove rust from inside a gas tank in case what the radiator shop wants to do is bogus...

#2 - Other than replacing fuel pump, what other precautions/ maintenance with regards to the fuel system (because of old gas) should I preform before running the bike for the first time?
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