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3rd at Homestead June 28th - video

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3rd at Homestead June 28th - video, now HD

Thought you guys might like this since it includes video.

Homestead-Miami Speedway, June 28th:
Best results ever for the team and new personal best lap at Homestead. Thanks to the Waterin' Trough and Dunlop Race Tire Services for supporting me. Also I have to thank Susan, my wife, and David Bruce, my mechanic, for their help. Without all the support this wouldn't be possible.

GTO - 10th: I wheelied off the line and hit the rev limiter before I could shift to 2nd. Jeff Holton, made contact with me because of that and moved my clip-on and repositioned my clutch lever a bit higher than I like it. I took a little bit of time in the first two turns to make sure I could still use the clutch and took off. I passed Jeff at turn 6 but was way too hot and he passed me back. I made the pass stick when he ran wide at 8. After that I did my personal best at Homestead, bettering my previous best by 1.5 seconds, a 1:29.073. If I had farted, I would have gotten a 1:28!

I caught up to Mavros and woke his ass up. Mavros is pretty fast at Homestead when he wants to be and we battled the whole race with him getting 9th and me 10th. Video here: Awesome HD Video Expert GTO

Unlimited Supersport - 5th: This race started with light rain falling but I still ran 1:29 laptimes. I got a much better start this time and was 5th into turn one. Mavros passed me at turn 6 and I followed him until we passed Brad Graham. Mavros and I then battled for 4th while catching up to 3rd. Mavros took 4th and cost me $100 of Kawi money - the bastard! :) Video here:

Unlimited Superbike - 3rd: Due to heavy rain, eight riders decided not to race making this a field of three. After the sighting lap, the race was delayed 20 minutes. My suspension was still set for dry and was just bouncing over bumps and causing huge slides. I couldn't keep Gus Sanchez and Brad Graham in sight after the first 2 laps. Video here:

Unlimited GP - 6th: Wet track with puddles. I was just not in this race. I could have gotten 5th but I just wanted to bring it home and get out of there. No video, it's boring as hell.
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Damn, I forgot you were there! Unbelievable. For sure next time I will look you up. Cool, I'm glad you did well. Nice vids. Anyway, yeah, that was a good day. I was there in garage #9. Helping a buddy out in the unl am superbike and formula 40. Can't remember the other one. I was watching by Turn 1, and you guys were smashing into the puddle that was Turn 1 and those splashes went like 10 feet in the air. I wish I had my camera with me. That was crazy shit. It was funny when they kept stopping the races to try and remove "the standing water". I rode down, got soaked, watched the races soaked, and got soaked on the way home too. :eek:ccasion1. I gotta catch at the next race.
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