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for the past couple of months my bike was idling over 2k. I knew it was not the adjustment at the clip on. I was doing some research online and notice a lot of people was complaining of high idle. I also read that some dealers replaced the throttle body because of a rusted spring but there was no pictures to support that.
I decide to take my tank off and look for this rusted spring. I was sure that was my problem because I wash my bike often. I found no sign of rust or broken springs on the left side of the throttle body. I turn on the ignition and watch the secondary plates open and close smoothly.

I was lost at this point. Im steering at the left side of the throttle body trying to figure out what is wrong. My eyes was mostly directed toward this lever that have the fast idle adjustment screw attach to it. It was not moving but my brain is telling me it should move. I applied some back and forth pressure with my finger and eventually i felt a movement. I sprayed some wd40 on the horizontal shaft and spring. I used a big screwdriver and push down gently and used my finger to bring it up. I did this for couple minutes and i could feel the back and forth movement increasing. I eventually got full movement but it still wasn't coming back up on its own. I sprayed more wd40 and continue to rock and then the spring was able to return the lever to the up position.
I will attach picture to support what I was just trying to explain. my bike now idle at 1200rpm without adjusting anything else. This was all because of a frozen lever (which I think might be call fast idle lever)

sorry unable to post pics
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