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2023 ZX10R

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Finally took the thing out for a spin the other day, had been sitting in the garage since January. Put about 20 miles on it and man do I miss the Gen4s I had a few years ago. Over the winter I put on all the aesthetics, rear sets, under tail, tail light, gas cap, pro bolt kit, windscreen etc. also did 520 conversion and M4 GP slip on.

obviously I need a tune because it’s so choppy in the 4500/5000 range and the quick shifter is a pain in the ass unless you’re in the extreme high end of the rpm range, and even though I went -1+2 on the sprockets, it’s a dog in the low end.
Gen4 was a much better bike out of the box
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Damn really? I haven't kept up much with the newer 10r's past the Gen 5 as much but I thought the general consensus was that it had a lot more power than the 4th gens.

Even without a flash the 4th gens had better low end? I have been kicking around the idea of upgrading to a newer gen 10r and thought about going Gen 4, but then I thought I could probably find a 5th gen or even 6th gen for not much more $$$ and I'd have a lot newer tech...hell I love the low end on my 2nd gen, probably one of the reason's I've held onto the dinosaur for so long LOL!
I’m basing my opinion on an initial impression. In 2020 I sold my Gen 4 but kept my street glide. I have been riding my street glide from then until now and continue to ride it. So I still had an expectation of what the bike would feel like based off last riding the Gen 4. I’m sure the electronic gizmos are cool and I may have had them set in a less desirable position for a first impression. I plan on tinkering with it this weekend and playing with the settings to see if it can change my mind. Defiantly needs tuned, that’s for sure.
The throttle mapping on the Gen 6 is horrible. While riding I noticed some bad lurching from 4-5k while in a curve. I took a look at the throttle map and the very first throttle increment is set at 100% throttle. I've been fine tuning it with Woolich and have it feeling like my old Gen 4.


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I'll trade ya!
It's not perfect, even after getting tuned, but I am definitely a fan of the Gen 6.
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