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2018 Blown Engine!

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Hey guys

I was cruising in 3rd at 4k rpm and heard a loud constant clicking/ticking sound. I pulled over the shut the bike off. I tried starting it and no luck! Like something was physically jamming the engine.

I had it towed to a central NJ dealer and they said the engine is locked. Now they are doing a full tear down.

I did the oil change myself 3-4 months back. I took a sample of the old oil and sent it to blackstone labs. They said it looked healthy. No shavings or any unusual particles.

Any advice? Used engines with 20k miles are like 4.5k on ebay... kinda absurd. Any rebuild kits out there? Anyone else experience this situation?
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I'm guessing valve drop (springs, retainer, etc)
Should I pay 1k for a tear down? Should I find a shop to rebuild the motor and go straight there? Or should I just buy a motor and ship it to the dealer?
A borescope down the spark plug hole is your friend. Rent, borrow or buy one. How many miles on your bike? Good luck-
I actually own a scope... thanks for the tip. The bike has 9500 miles on it.

I found a good working engine last night with 10500 miles on it, looking at it tonight.
Valve gone; rebuild. no reason to buy used engine; Kawa does NOT sell new engines. These engines are built for constant rebuilds. If you don't have a good rebuild tech then have to check Kawa dealer to sort a tech. It will take awhile. Ask me how I know.
What is a reasonable bill for a valve drop rebuild?
depends on if it resulted in a spun bearing cause that also means a bent crank, whole case needs to be hot tanked, oil bypass replaced along with oil pump due to scoring from metal circulation, are you gonna try and salvage the head or buy a new or used one? still need to have valve job done, possible seats recut, piston usually destroyed from a dropped valve, along with head, cam shaft can suffer pretty bad from it but usually just bottom end. learn to do it yourself and save a fortune or find someone who will do it and pay almost what it cost to buy a used engine when all said and done but with no warranty beyond it will start and run till your out of eye sight. are you gonna buy oem, that shit is expensive unless used then you dont know the condition and aftermarket is hit or miss but expensive too, might as well start the upgrade journey if your gonna do a full tear down, just make sure not to get shit that is stricktly race stuff or it wont last, i made that mistake, crazy power but meant to be rebuilt in under 5k miles, i dont have that kind of bank roll to do full rebuilds every month or two, thats race team shit, live and learn
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Call dealer service in your area and ask for their fee. The key is if the dealer sent their tech to kawa for training on rebuilds. And a good tech looks at the bike as if it's his own. When mine came back from a rebuild, plus extra stuff ordered, I immediately knew my tech was excellent just looking at tiny details; he was trained by Kawa AFTER I dropped the bike off, which took time; and I never bothered the dealer about how long it was taking. Dealer is in Seaside CA area; bike was there a few years back.
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