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2017 zx10r krt

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I have just purchased a 2017 ZX10R KRT. As yet I have not ridden it at night. Question: do both front lights come on when its dark?
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Welcome to the party!

Um, the answer to your question is "no". There's no magical sensor that detects it's dark outside and automatically flips the right light on for you. One side is a low-beam light, the other side is a high-beam light. Flip that little switch on your left handlebar to get both of them on at once. But don't blind any oncoming traffic with that at night. :idea:
Thought I answered this already? How many threads do you have?

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I suggest you read the manual and familiarize yourself with the bike.
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Do NOT ride a motor at night. We simply can not see anything.
If you hit the high beam button on and off multiple times You can make the bike wink at people

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The stock lights are very poor compared to some of the projector types on other Kawasaki models.
I generally try to avoid riding at night at all costs
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