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2017 Kawasaki ZX-10R, race package ready to win. Non ABS model. $14,500

Located in Kansas City area.

Purchased new in January 2017. Sold with MSO and owners manual. Odometer shows 508 miles. Only ridden weekends by an old man; two race weekends and a couple track days. Eligible for Kawasaki Team Green contingency through 2018. Includes the following:

-All OEM bodywork, fuel tank, lights, clip-ons, rearsets, etc. Removed with 0 (zero) miles and in pristine condition. Arctic white/Titanium color option.
-Spare set of complete wheels. The spare front was ordered new with OEM rotors.
-M4 exhaust with OEM titanium header.
-Manual Ohlins steering damper. The OEM electronic unit is just not up to race duty in my opinion, but will be included with purchase if buyer wants it.
-Two sets of Fast Frank captive spacers (one for each wheel set).
-Fast Frank quick change rear caliper bracket. New not installed.
-Traxxion AK gas forks.
-Penske tripple clicker shock. OEM shock included with purchase if buyer wants it.
-Vortex clip-ons.
-Vortex rearsets.
-Vortex V3 black fuel cap.
-Vortex 525 steel sprockets for durability. Front 17, 16, 15 - Rear 39, 40, 41. Used with the 525 OEM chain.
-Extra 525 chain, new in box.
-Titanium Pro Bolt front caliper bolts, pre-drilled for safety wire.
-Titanium oil drain with magnet, pre-drilled for safety wire.
-Titanium rear axle nut. It's pretty and I needed something else to get free shipping.
-PAIR valve block off and all other emissions deleted.
-Woolich ECU flash kit with USB M v3 package. Allows ECU tuning as many times as you like and unlocks all race functions.
-Cordona quickshifter designed for Woolich flash kit. OEM quickshifter included if buyer wants it.
-Several extra sets of Vortex V3 dual carbon brake pads, made by SBS.
-Several extra oil filters, BikeMaster brand.
-Armour Bodies bodywork with superbike tail. Repaired after NOLA crash, but not repainted. Damage was primarily left upper.
-Woodcraft frame sliders. They're positioned well to do a proper job on this bike.
-Woodcraft brake lever guard.
-BikeMaster swingarm spools/sliders.
-BikeMaster lithium battery.
-Shorty clutch lever.
-Rain light per CMRA rules.

OEM wire harness has not been molested and still uses key to start.

May consider trade for classic 1960s-1970s muscle car, hot rod, resto mod, restroation, etc.

Message here or contact me on my cell if interested. 913-nine nine nine-0054


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