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2016 zx10r / 2017 zx10RR

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Can someone please clear up the difference between the two. Not talking the suspension and wheels. The engine is built i kno that but more interested in the heads. Does the 2016 zx10 have the race exhaust cam or no? Is there that big a difference between the heads? I was told to fit the race cams they reworked the head. Do i have to do this to put race cams in my zx10? I looked on vista kawasaki shows stock and race cams but not by year. Stock exhaust and race exhaust cams share same duration just different lift. So does this is why the RR has the reworked head can i get around that by thicker headgasket...this is my next mod want it done right. Should i find a RR head with race cams and the redone work or get my head work done and fit race cams. I always thought the 2016 zx10r had a race exhaust cam.
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