Hi guys

After a crash i am parting out a 2016 ZX-10R

The motor is in Thailand so depending on the shipping cost it might be a good deal since i gonna sell the engine for a good price or if someone wants me to dissasemble it and ship the crucial parts thats fine by me aswell as long it's a good chunk of the whole assembly

The engine has all 4 ignition coils installed ,throttle body and the starter motor aswell

All 4 cylinders produce 180-200 psi(can send video of compression test)

Engine mileage is 26'xxx KM

I can also put it on ebay to those that request it (ebay fees will be added)

Selling for 1'300 USD + Shipping cost

I also have an ECU for 200$

If you need more pics, videos etc feel free to pm me

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