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Testing the waters.

Location-AZ, USA

Approx 1800 miles on her and she's phenomenal.

Archer Aggressive Flash ECU
M4 Carbon Fiber Exhaust
MotoDynamics Euro Rear Blinkers
Yoshimura Fender Eliminator/License plate relocate w/LED Light
SBK Race Airfilter
AIS Removal with Driven Block-Offs
Amsoil Signature Full Synthetic w/ Amsoil oil filter
Vortex Quick No-Key Fuel Cap
Corsa Tinted Windscreen
Woodcraft Frame Sliders
Aftermarket Shorty/Adjistable folding Levers
Carbon Fiber Tank Guards
Carbon Fiber Frame Covers
Carbon Fiber Swingarm Covers
Rental Gold 520 -1/+2 kit with EK3D Chain
Aftermarket Rearsets
6k HID Headlights
Water Wetter Redline flushed and installed.

Also have all factory parts that will be with the bike as well as front and rear race stands with spools.

Shoei X-12 (M) Helmet
Shoei X-11 (L) Helmet
Teknics Full Length Racing gloves with CF and Kevlar (like new)
A-Stars riding gloves
Element Riding Jacket

2015 7x14 open utility Trailer with Pitbull Transport stand mounted, side gate and rear gate (right fender slightly dented-was hit with a riding mower)
ImageUploadedByMotorcycle1456810329.985116.jpg ImageUploadedByMotorcycle1456810367.959692.jpg ImageUploadedByMotorcycle1456810416.482382.jpg ImageUploadedByMotorcycle1456810480.581604.jpg ImageUploadedByMotorcycle1456810564.811291.jpg

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I don't want to....at all....
Being a business owner, a dad, and managing my rental properties leaves me with no time to ride. Also I have no one to ride with here in Yuma. She's pretty in the garage but my insurance prices have gone up for some odd reason from $105 a month to $170 a month. And no one around me will insure it for cheaper.

I'm not "trying" to sell it. But if I was to get a fair offer i'd take it.
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