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2014 zx10r problem

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I have a 2014 that will not rev past 7-8-9k (changes each test ride) and going full throttle doesn't produce power like it should.

This all started after I did an oil change and installed a K&n air filter.

Bike falls on its face bad.

It will rev past 9k with the clutch pulled in rolling and sitting.

Only mod to bike is I've bypassed the front abs system.
Just a line from master to front calipers.
No abs light or riding issue with it.

I've checked to make sure things are hooked up correctly (fuel line, pump connector, and air temp sensor.)
I've even went back to a stock air filter.

Still won't rev past 9k.
No FI or ABS lights

Any help would be much appreciated.
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Rpm issues like that are almost always fuel related. Needs more fuel under load than in N...
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As Victors stated, it's more than likely a fueling issue. Since you had the tank off to put a K&Junk filter in it, you likely didn't route the fuel line correctly or pinched it when you set the tank back down. Time to take it all apart again and check everything you did to make sure it's all correct.
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