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So my clutch started to slip a little so I put a new one in and I'd always thought my starter turned slow like I had a weak battery but after I put my clutch in it was really dragging but it started, I shit it off to adjust the cable and them it wouldn't do anything .
I thought what did I do? But after checking everything it turned out to be that the starter just decided to take a crap on me at that moment, I took it out and discovered the magnets were not attached to the starter housing anymore, so I used a thin coat of jb weld put it back together and installed it and it spins better than it ever has before, but now my bike won't start? It's like it's not getting spark because it's not coughing or trying to start and I've got fuel going to it, so idk?
I can't find anything I may have unplugged so I don't know what the hell I could've done?
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