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2011 ZX10R for SALE !

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2011 Kawasaki Ninja | eBay
Motobatt Battery (3 year factory warranty). Two Brothers Full exhaust (no catalytic). CRG Clutch carbon/Brake folding levers. Vortex Sliders. Vortex Mirror Cap/holders. Vortex Fuel tank cap. Zero Gravity wind shield. Xenon lamps. Aftermarket license holder. Aftermarket engine oil pressure gauge.Kawasaki Two Brothers Slip On Carbon - Full exhaust system.
removed exhaust catalyst - Disabled in ECU O2 Sensor/Disabled Exhaust Valve.
Racing BRISK AR10ZS Spark Plugs. K&N air filter.
Driven Racing Engine Block Off Plates - Disable in ECU (AIS PAIR system).
Air intake Flapers removed - disabled in ECU.
ECU Flashed reservations removed - unlimited.
Change/Retain last Traction Control Setting.
Removal Of All Restrictions.(top speed limit)
Customized Fuel Maps.
Customized Ignition Maps.
Customized Secondary Throttle Plate (STP) Opening Maps.
Customized Fuel Trim Map.
3k carbon covers/body.
Tires Metzeler Sportec M7 RR 190/55/17
New Brake pads, New coolant, New Engine oil, New tires.


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