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2011 ZX-10R rapid clicking noise under the seat when turning ignition switch on...

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I have a 2011 ZX-10R with a Yoshimura slipon, still have the catalytic converter on there. Turning the ignition switch to "On" position but not starting the bike, I hear a rapid, annoying clicking noise that is coming from under the seat. It used to stop after a few seconds but now will keep making the sound as long as the switch is turned on. I assume it's the exhaust servo trying to find it's initial end position. There is no FI light coming on but I'm not sure if the servo gears are stripped or the servo just can't synch up. I need to get in there and take a good look at the exhaust valve and servo motor. Anyone had this happen and what's the fix?
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Are the cables still connected for the exhaust valve?

If so, you could do two things.

1. Remove cables and live with the clicking sound.
2. Remove servo and get a servo buddy or similar. No clicking sound and no fault code/light.
Yeah, and that's why no FI light, maybe. Once cables and that pully part, if I recall, are removed, then he'll have the FI light.
Mine still has the servo, but, no cables.

No light or fault.
Trying to remember; the pancake pully I pulled with the cables. The servo's attached to that pully or is the pully the servo. Been awhile, near 10 years for the '13
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