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Hello everyone.

I just got some troubling news from my dealer when I requested a Race Kit ECU be ordered for the new love of my life. :zx_blk:

This is what they said:
3. Race kit ecu (21175-0756)is available to order right now but need to make you aware that using this ecu will disable the abs on your motorcycle.

Does anyone know if the Race Kit ECU will be updated, preferably firmware update that will enable (or allow for) ABS?

If not, are there any recommendations for a good ECU replacement that doesn't affect the ABS system, so I can dyno tune the new race cams and Akro Evo exhaust system?

Thank you!

2006 ZX-10R
2007 ZX-6R (two of them for track)
2011 ZX-10R w/ABS (chomping at bit)
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