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It burdens me to sell, but Ive got a baby on the way and it's got to go. I've got all receipts for the following items that have been installed and of course I've got the dynotune numbers and paperwork.

I have all original paperwork from the dealership, spare key, etc. At the time of purchase I opted to buy a 5 year wheel and tire warranty. Covers towing and all expense for replacement of damaged rims and tires, whatever the reason.

Mileage is at 5,0xx.

M4 GP Exhaust
Power Commander V
Flashed ECU by Guhl Motors
Custom Dynotune map
Vortex Rearset
OES Frame Sliders
Riflemans 1/5th throttle
Integrated Smoked Tail light
Double Bubble Smoked Windscreen
BMC Race filter
Cox Radiator Gaurd
Yoshi Fender Eliminator Kit
CFFL Halo Kit
8000k HID Lights

Im positive that I have forgotten something and will update as needed.



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Man, if I wasn't in the process of buying a house I would buy this bike! Can't believe you are selling it.
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