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Gday Guys,

Misses looks like she be finally getting her way......
She been on my case since i got the kawka and i try to hid the lil gem with a cover, but every time the cover comes off i fall back in love with the green monster and ride with her nagging in the distance.
unfortunately i have to make a attempt on selling, as she has agreed for me to have a sweet track bike.
The bike was owned by a good mate of mine since 2010 and as a favor i brought it off him earlier in the year as he had to head back to Oz with no intention on returning, it always been garage kept, and covered on stands when not in use since he had it, me garage and cover is enough.
I serviced the bike less than 500 miles ago and she runs....well i think we all know.......FAST!
Have all the original parts he removed pegs,levers,exhaust,bitch pad and will throw in the covers and stands
She has a few scuffs... cause she has been ridden, but other than that looks brand new
tires have plenty of meat and i would like it gone before 12/12 as thats when the rego (tags) run out.
I took it to the dealer in West palm and they offered $5k, im looking for $6500, but will consider fair offers (if you can talk me down)
don't want to sell but am looking forward to getting on the track!!!!


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