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2009 fuel mileage

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My 09 ZX-10 can go 140 miles on a full tank of gas before the fuel light comes on. The bike is stock and the 140 miles is spirited riding but nothing really crazy. Maybe over 100mph a few times but not often. I realize it's a 1000cc bike but is that kind of mileage normal? I'm guessing I could go another 30-35 miles before the tank is empty for a total of maybe about 170-175 miles. Sound about right?
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your about right on. I have a 2016 that has been done up, and with alot of heavy accelerating and usually atleast once a trip speeds over 100mph my light comes on at 115 give or take. some times as low as 100 sometimes not til about 130.

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140 on a tank before the light goes on is good mileage. On my gen 1 before i put a PC3 and -1/0 gearing i would get 35mpg (about 120-140/tank before light) whether i rode it hard or soft.
I regularly got 140 + on my 2010 gen3 before light. My gen4 is the same :smile2:
My '08 rips about 100 miles or so before light comes on. Sprockets adj for faster takeoff. I basically ride all out as much as possible as I live 20 miles from closest town.
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