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how many miles on that growler ??
about 300 if that.
how did the ivans work for your bike?
Fine you wouldn't even know its there. Its nice because it clears up some space under ya seat so you can keep stuff organized if you had a Power Commander or Bazzaz. I never had any problems with it, never received any error codes.
if it's still available, i'd like the ivan's exhaust servo motor eliminator $90.00 *shipped lower 48*

I would like to have the rear seat, and was wondering If you still have the hugger, and the tin exhaust cosmetic finish piece. tks
Sorry it has been sold..
the growler still available? Please let me know interested
how much for the rear pegs to toronto, canada?
lol. i'll see what i can do this evening. i do have a prospect though.
can you take pic's of the PCV plugs so i can compare and see if it's a match to the 04's?? if they are i got dibs on it :D
I'm waiting on my folks to bring my front stand back. The front isn't true i know that for a fact. I'll have to check on the rear.
gear shifter is in good shape.
Is the gear shifter still In good shape?
In need of a clutch cable - if ya got it. PM sent.
What is left
Everything that you see listed on the first page. + some other stuff that i haven't had a chance to get off the bike yet.
1 - 20 of 94 Posts
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