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Recently bought the bike, ran fine for about 2 months. Was out riding last week and started to smell electrical burning. Took it home looked around for and kind of burnt wires pulled fairings seat ect. Took another ride a few days later and the bike dies on me, gauges go out first, head light dims, then the bike dies.

I got towed home.Pulled the stator cover and seen some coiled burnt, pulled the battery and it tested bad.

Replaced both, then test drove it, I stopped in a parking lot turned the bike off and it wouldn’t start again. Had to push start it to get it home. Tested the Reg/rectifier and it tested good.

Kinda at a loss here, I know the previous owner installed an LED glow set, but I wasn’t using it. It has an on/off switch. Could that by itself draw enough power that the battery isn’t charging?
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