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Guys I just wanted to put a feeler out there for who might be looking for a 08ZX10 with tons of mods like mine and ony 800 miles on it.

Mods List
Gilles Rear Sets
FMF Exhaust
Motovation bar ends
CGC Bar end mirror
Gregs custom LED blinkers
Factory seat cowl
09 lowers green
Puig Smoke screen
LSL frame sliders
Revolution Rotors
two way pager alarm system
ASV Shortie levers
GPR Steering dampner
LSL frame sliders
1 down in front 1 up in back and new green chain

and probly more i cant remeber.

Call me with any questions



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nice looking Wheel!!! GLS!!!

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damn that bike has some really nice work done, 10k is too much for me and i have to wait till the end of this year anyway. nice looking bike though and good luck selling it.
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