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anybody change the rear pad on the 08 10r? im having some difficulty. im looking at the shop manual and it says to remove the clip and pad pin.

im not having any luck getting the clip out. it looks like it wants you to take it out before the pad pin.

tried to take out the pad pin, but i do not have a socket small enough. i have a 5mm and it is too large, so im guesing it is a 3 or 4mm.

i looked at the instructions for the front pads for help and it looks like a totally different set up. it gives torque specs for the front pad pins...but on the rear, there is no torque specs for the pad pin with the tiny socket head.

the fronts pins are 11 ft lbs but im afraid the head of the rear pin would twist off with anything close to that torque.

anybody got better instructions that has done it than what is in the shop manual.

thanks in advance.
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