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2007 zx10r when it reaches temp it ticks from left side up by tank and frame.

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Wont let me upload a video please text or hmu on facebook. Joshuah william ray larocco
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Cam chain tensioner maybe? My 06 zx6r did this, and now my zx10r is doing this. Need to get a manual cam chain tensioner.
Upload the video to YouTube and post a link.

The cam chain spins on the right side of the motor. So if the sound is high and to the left, then it's likely not that. But does the tick change with RPM? Is it constant? So we need to know more than what's posted to offer any suggestions.

Oh, and we don't like Facebook 'round these parts. So don't expect us to "Hit you up" over on that crap site. Leave that to all your friends "checking in" at the Starbucks. Check back here for more meaningful Tech info. :ayyy:
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