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Bought this ZX6RR a while back from a guy who said he got it from an auction. It was wrecked, he replaced the frame with a 636 frame off Ebay. Have a slavage Oklahoma title on the frame. I had plans of tracking this bike but ended up "stunting" it. Didn't ride too much, laid down once in my posession, but it had a cage on it.

The bike needs a battery, but if you jump start it it will run like a champ! I have videos of the bike idling.

2007 front end: forks are kind of faded but are the red SE forks with red wheel.

Needs right side rearset.
No plastics.
Radiator is patched up pretty solid, but the perfectionist would probably want to replace it.

I will sell as a stunt bike, with the cage/stunt sprocket/chain, or I'll sale it without those parts on for less. The pictures I have show an Arrow slipon and race tail on but those won't come on the bike. I will replace with a stock 636 exhaust. Also have some spare parts I'd be willing to throw in for extra.

Extra parts:

Headlight-minor scuffs but all tabs are solid. $150 by itself or $100 if you buy the bike.

Gauge-shows just under 13000 miles. $150 by itself or $100 with the bike.

Passenger pegs-good condition, silver. $75 by themselves or $50 with the bike.

I would part out but I don't have a garage and don't need parts sitting in my apartment parking lot.

$2200 w/ stunt parts or $2000 with cage/sprocket/chain off.


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