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Evening, I'm new to the forum I have done many searches but there are conflicting results.

I had a rather fast off on my 06 10r which resulted in me replacing many parts including forks, swingarm, clip ons and fairings. The only damage to engine casing appears to be the starter cover. I have replaced it all and it idles fine. I got about 2 miles out and the bike idled at 4000rpm resulting in cruise control. I adjusted the idle screw to no effect.

I have lubed up the springs and connection on the throttle bodies all nice and smooth movements. I have tried adjusting the throttle cables and this has all resulted in the bike now idling fine cold but then cuts out warm. The revs do not slowly die the engine just stops. It will start back up but cut out again after 10 seconds.

The TPS both have not loosened up or moved and appear to have good tolerances as per the manual.

It came with delkavic pipes and the exhaust valve removed but ran perfectly before my crash.

The bike did spend time upside down momentarily and I was fine just a grazed elbow.

Any help on where to look next would be great. It is a UK spec bike with 12500miles on, fresh oil, filter and air filter. And sorry for the essay.
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