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Hi all, my uncle was in a very bad accident and with bills rising over 60k so far I'll be parting out his bike for him.

First off I wont be able to ship anything out or make solid deals til after this weekend, we have someone coming to look at the chassis to buy it as a roller and he might want some of the controls and brakes with it so thats really the only thing on hold.

If you see something you like please PM me or email at [email protected] an offer and we will negotiate a price. I can ship threw work Via UPS and provide tracking numbers, over 100+ feedback on ebay and I'm around all the forums online as a reputable seller.

Motor with 8k miles on it, no damage

front air ducts, no damage

wiring harness, no breaks

throttle bodies, one has secondaries removed other is stock

bent radiator.... it still holds pressure so if anyone needs a project one this will be great

throttle cables

air box covers

RH controls, perfect

LH controls, bent with rash on bar end

Regulator - Rectifier

ECU and junction box

Clutch set up

Seat, small rips, great for re-upholstery

Battery tray (does not come with lock set)

fuel tank (gas cap not included) minor damage

head light housing for project???

good LH headlight!

dash covers

Sprocket cover

battery box cover

upper tripple with ign (selling this as lock set with gas cap and tail lock)


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Hey Garth,
Sorry to hear about your Uncle! Hope he heals up quick !!
Good luck with the sales!

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Hey garth what's up with the steering damper?? Is it good? If so I could just buy that and get the correct mount for my bike right? Shoot me a pm and maybe we can see....
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