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I've been putting this time off for awhile, but it's time to get it listed for sale. I'm in no rush to sell, and will continue to ride and race it. Looking to get a 600 so I can race in more classes.

I've known the bike since it was new (still good friends with the original owner, I'm the second). He low sided it on the street years ago (2008) after he hit a groundhog in a corner. It got totalled out and he converted it to track. I bought in 2015. I have a salvage title, in my name, in hand. Bike has been garage kept its entire life and I am willing to bet it's one of the cleanest 1st gens out there today. Literally has probably seen less than 12 days of rain, most of those by me because some race days were in the rain and I didn't have a choice. It's never been down since he low sided it on the street so the track bodywork and everything has never been repaired.

I chased the entire 2017 WERA V8 Heavyweight championship and won my region, and took it to the GNF at Barber and won the National title with it as well. Runs 1:34's at VIR/Road Atlanta/Barber, 1:49's at PittRace, and 1:32's at NJMP as it sits. Would no doubt go faster with a more competent rider.

The list:

Mileage: 13,000, give or take. Minor gearing changes over the years has no doubt made it run high. The original owner put a +2 on the rear not long after he bought it, and I've played with gearing across different tracks since I've had it.

- Attack body work (never crashed)
- Woodcraft clip ons
- Woodcraft key ignition delete (Wiring harness still 100% in tact on everything)
- Engine case covers
- Woodcraft rear sets
- PC3 and Dynojet QS set up for GP shift
- Full Yoshi exhaust and PC3 mapped for it
- Forks have K-Tech piston kit and flow control valves in them.
- Ohlins TTX out back, both shock and forks setup by Thermosman. Handles phenomenal.
- New sprockets and chain this year (17/40)
- K&N air filter
- Rear caliper has been machined by Fast Frank to be captive. Wheel changes do not get any easier with this and the captive spacers.
- Chassis (swingarm, head bearings, etc) was disassembled and greased all bearings before the start of the 2017 season. I've had next to no time to ride this year, I've probably only turned about 30 laps on this thing total this year.
- Factory pro shift kit (star, spring, everything). Shifts are 100% crisp, firm, and feel amazing. The factory pro shift kit should be a mandatory mod for every Kawasaki out there...period.


Extra gas tank, freshly painted and zero damage.
(2) complete additional SETS of wheels, 100% complete. Captive spacers on all wheels and 90 degree valve stems on all 6 wheels.
Pit Bull TRS pins will go with it.

I have no problem with letting serious buyers ride it at the track, I'd be more than happy to meet up at a track if you're not local to me (In the Maryland area). Serious buyer = full asking price cash in my hand before you take it out. You know the drill, you dump it, you bought it.

I'll work on getting some stationary pictures for it soon...I don't have many, as you can tell. Most of them are from me out there winning races with it. :iamwithstupid:

$3500, located close to Columbia MD.



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Hey man, did we talk at PittRace last year? You ride WERA at the MotoAmerica event? Just wondering. You told me about the shift star kit.
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