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2004 ZX10R in 2022

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Hi all,
If this is inquiry is not allowed, I apologize. I made effort to read the forum rules, sorry if I missed something.
I have potential for my first ZX10R in the next week or so, but need some guidance on pricing.

There is a bone stock 04' I found for sale with 4k miles. What would you pay? FL based.

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Rare color - if it's in mint shape should go for about $7500. '05 is generally preferred to '04. Let me know if you don't buy it I may be interested, but would prefer green

Beware of bikes this old with ultra low mileage - gas tank tends to have some rust which then means the fuel pump filter can be shot
One of the nicest Gen 1s (heck any generation) I've ever seen
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^ That's what I'm looking for - tastefully modded '05 in green

Some of the fairing pieces are gone, you can't find them (new) anywhere. I'm still looking for the upper right hand piece for my '05 titanium
Hard to find a linear steering damper for Gen 1s, plenty of rotary dampers out there but I've never been a big fan

I would also consider the front brake caliper upgrade (and braided lines) a "must do" item because the stockers are terrible - plenty of threads out there on which ones to get

Good aftermarket slip on can and you should be ready to rock. The LEGENDARY Gen 1 ZX-10R
If you find a good (linear) steering damper (with mount kit) at a fair price let me know, I'm still looking
Basically you're looking at about $450 (US) so not cheap, plus they charge more for the '04-05 kit for some reason
Congrats - you're gonna love the Widowmaker - if you survive haha

With clamp kit
Does that kit mount on the triple clamp? Says "race only"?
From most reviews I've read you want linear/constant damping, not progressive, which is more of a gimmick

If you're getting a bunch of headshake during normal riding your suspension probably isn't set up right or your tires are worn, I've only seen it when the front wheel is off the ground and even then it's not terrible - better safe than sorry I guess

Let me know if you find a US distributor for hyperpro
How much is that one with the mount kit?
I'm in the same boat, it's Kawasaki 55028-0006-725 (right hand upper cowl)

Found one a couple months ago in Japan for about $480 (before shipping!) and promptly sold
I don't think it's ever going to match because the factory paint has some flake in it that really makes it stand out
Tried that - it matches except there is no flake in the paint
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