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2004 ZX10R in 2022

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Hi all,
If this is inquiry is not allowed, I apologize. I made effort to read the forum rules, sorry if I missed something.
I have potential for my first ZX10R in the next week or so, but need some guidance on pricing.

There is a bone stock 04' I found for sale with 4k miles. What would you pay? FL based.

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If you do take a look at it in person inspect the frame as these bikes do have very common frame cracks in the underside.
Ramair is also weak and breaks easily.

With clamp kit
The one I linked also included the mounting kit. It's a case of the picture not representing the product correctly. It also was an italian advert. You managed to find an international seller for cheaper which is a nice plus.
On bitubo's site it only mentions that kit code KIT063A2 is the racing model, but on the page on ebay it mentions that it cannot be used with an instrument cluster which I find odd.

The regular non racing version is KIT069A2 for the black one and KIT069A1 for the red one.
My guess would be that the reactive only makes steering tough if you steer quickly and light if you steer smoothly while the constant is always making your steering tough. You might want to double check that.
You know what, I'm just going to say it, those caliper suck. Too grabby. They are, if I remember correctly, 32mm x4 pistons and too grabby. Find calipers with 34mm pistons or 34/32mm and pair them with a radial 19mm MC.

That's a dream gen 1 right there.
1 - 6 of 58 Posts