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without wanting to bore anyone to death I will try and keep it short, however I am practically on my knees begging for help to get this resolved.

In Jnauary this year I took my beloved ZX10R out for a spin and cracked the head and did untold amounts of damaged to the head bottom ends and so on.

At the time I rebuilt the original engine with a new head but because the bottom ends had gone I ended up purchasing a new enigne from ebay. So after getting the new engine I discovered the engine had a crack in front of the fornt sprocket and had been welded! After confronting the guy/shop I purchased the engine from, he offered to rebuild the engine my orginal good cases and the new engines insides to make one good engine.

Fantastic i thought, same engine numbers and so on. After much time the engine came back to me and at first was running as sweet as a nut, but after running the engine up (till the fan came on) for the third time there was a horrible schreeching noise coming from the engine.

After a little pondering and asking a few questions I found out the case around the generator (the part that spins) was cathing on the engine case and causing the engine to stop eventually to the point where it would not start again at all.

After taking the generator out the cases it was clear to see it had been rubbing and after pulling the generator out of the its spinning case the magnets inside were mush and completely destroyed so.......................

Has any one come across this before, after talking to Kawasaki they said you need to match the generator up to the clutch basket and make small minor settings which there are 16 different types.

I would agree with the above however both engines were a 2004 model and the clutch basket was never changed in addition I used both generators from each engine and the same thing accoured. This would make me believe that that there could be an oil supply problem or even just a case of getting the generator case shimmed.

Once again appologies for the bore, however I have not been out on the bike for almost a year and finding anyone who knows what I am talking about is hard to find.

Oh by the way the shop I got the engine form has given up because he lives so far away and is refunding my money.

Look forward ot hearing from someone.
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