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Gen 1 Spark Black and HP4 Competition.
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Bought this 2 owner 16.5k neglected bird 3 weeks ago..

Haven't ridden it yet, bought it in London and transported back in van, wheeled straight onto ramp and set about making her loved again.

Started on plugs, air filter, rear caliper refurb, gaiters, seal kit and pads, new Valtermoto pegs, reffurbed rear wheel, new bearings and seals, set of Power RS, final drive kit, new cush drives, carbon hugger.

Next, drain and replace coolant, move onto front end, oil and filter and sort out bodywork..

This is what spilt Loctite does to paintwork !... bottle fell over when I answered my phone...never noticed till it was too late... only got rim back from painters that day !

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