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I am throwing up my 1988 CR250 for sale.

Looking for 750 bucks. No trades, unless you got a beat up/blown CRF150R!!!

You wanna test ride it, you bring me the 750 bucks, then ride it. You bring it back without wrecking it, and dont want it, ill give you the 750 back. You wreck it, i keep the 750, you keep the bike.

Very clean carb
New air filter
New piston and rings, cylinder wall is very good (old piston had some small marks on it)
New cylinder and head gaskets (b/c cylinder gasket was cracked and leaking coolant)
New throttle cable (was kinked when i bought it)
New Boyeson Reeds. (had a small crack and one fin was staying open)
New rear wheel (has 20 minutes on it of field riding), hard compound for field and hard ground riding
New tubes front and rear
i have a set of black O'Neill bars also (OEM are on the bike)
New front and rear fender b/c i bought it without them.
New rear stainless brake line

FMF Silencer, Pro Circuit Pipe. Runs and sounds very good. no spittin and sputterin.

Suspension works good, everything on this bike works very good. pegs and rear brake lever are a lil thrashed up, but definitely doesnt effect how it works.

Always starts after a few kicks. Rode it yesterady after i got it all back together and it RIPS!! 10 times better than when i got it. even that wasnt bad, but the cracked reeds was killin the power. Now its good!!

now the pics...

this is how it looked when i picked it up. Kid said he hadnt ran it in 2 years, except one time he he started it up and it ran for 30 seconds and wouldnt start. My buddy got it to run on the second kick. Then we ran the bike for 20 minutes in the fields around his house. Ran perfect. Didnt stall or bog down once. Had to stop riding when the rear tube popped.

This is after i put the new front and rear fender on it.

this was at my buddies house, in the fields after he got it to start on the second kick.

then the tear down to find out why i was leaking coolant at my buddies house.
conclusion... cracked cylinder gasket. Both gaskets got replaced, cylinder, and head gaskets. this was when i checked the reeds too and noticed that one was cracked and got that replaced. New piston and rings at this time too b.c the piston had a few marks on it. cylinder wall looked great!

Thats it. ill get more pics of the bike as it sits, and a vid of the bike running sometime here soon.
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