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Hey All,

I'm the proud owner of a 1988 ZX-10, and have owned it since 1989. It's been sitting in the garage for years but this spring it is my #1 project to get the beast back into shape and enjoying the road.

Externally the fuel tank is pristine, but the interior has all sorts of surface rust. I plan on pulling the fuel sender, gas cap, and fuel petcock and sealing the openings with blanks.

Then affixing it to a frame jig, adding either distilled water or mineral spirits and a couple pounds of sand. Spinning the whole thing using my automotive engine stand, until the sand/fluid mix works off the interior surface rust.

Rinsing it out, drying it, and finally using a commercial coating to rust proof the inside of the tank before putting it back together and on the bike.

Two questions;

1. Does anyone here have experience/knowledge on how to remove the fuel level sending unit from the tank? From a cursory look at it, the bracket appears to be spot welded onto the tank, with no obvious bolts or screws to take off. Is there a way to pull it without cutting metal?

2. Once it's cleaned up and ready to coat, anyone have a recommendation on which commercial coating works best to prevent future corrosion issues?

Thanks for the help,
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