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I'm keeping my 10R after lightly trying to sell. So, some other projects are going/gone.

Bike is a 1983 Honda VF750 Interceptor V-4. It is a rolling project/parts bike. Or, if someone is really interested in restoring, I will go through the hoops to get a NEW title as the title for it was lost years ago. Motor and frame vin #'s match and not stolen. I got it from an old man who was about to die and was selling everything to pay off debt for his wife. The bike's motor is good and turns over with starter button. Carbs are dirty(not rusted) and slides are stuck but all components are there. Instruments all light up(red). All gauges work. Clutch master cylinder is bad. Gear box shifts all the way up and back down.

If anyone is interested, PM me. Not looking for alot of $. Was thinking $400 since it is complete with a non seized motor. If you want to get a title, cost of title fees will be added to agreed price.


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